Coming Up With an Online Marketing Strategy

Imagine setting up a shop right in the middle of the Sahara Desert, with the hope that the occasional camel riders will pass by and hopefully buy from you. That is usually the same folly people who set out to start online businesses fall into.

Like the traditional business, of brick and mortar, where one takes into consideration the location of the business, the segment they will reach out to and even the products they will sell, online business equally needs to be treated in the same fashion.

Whereas a brick and mortar business will only be accessible to a few hundred thousand clients, an online presence suddenly makes you accessible to billions of users, but that fact alone is not enough to get you even one client save for friends you will show off the website to.

An online marketing strategy is therefore important. The strategy has to tell you exactly how and what you will have to do to get people visiting the website. For example, will you post on Facebook groups for greater exposure to your website? Will you need to send cold emails to potential clients? Where will these emails come from? How will you get the Facebook visitors, for example, submit their emails to you through your website? Do you have the technology ready on your website to capture such email?

Asking yourself such critical questions will enable you to come up with an online marketing strategy that will bring visitors to your website.

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