Tips on how to sell on Facebook? – Part 1

Facebook remains one of the best places to sell products given it’s relatively high audience. Most people spend time on Facebook than they spend face to face with their friends, others have so many friends that they could very easily fill a conference hall.Given the high number of Facebook users, it is little wonder that very many people see it as one of the best platforms to market their products with many boasting of their success stories on Facebook.

So How does one sell on Facebook?

  1. Always remember that Facebook is a social platform

Outright selling on Facebook should be reserved for their advertising program. Ask yourself, why do you visit Facebook? Is it not to connect with friends by looking at their photos, reading their posts which are more often revealing on their personal life? So when you sell your product, post a photo and tell a story about it. For example when selling a tour package, post a photo of yourself in an exotic place say something like, ‘Trying to boil an egg in the hotsprings’, at the end of the post add something like ‘thanks to a link to the page or website) for the amazing safari.’

Most Facebook users are generally jealous of their friends enjoying life in some exotic place so they might not quickly comment, or ask about your safari (they might like) but giving them the link will point them to exactly where you want them to be.

2. Don’t put too much Text on your images

Facebook has a policy of the 20% rule. This means that text should only cover 20% of the image you intend to post. Try looking at what serious companies are posting on their pages and you will get the drift, alternatively, you can also Google “Facebook Image Grid Checker” to get websites that allow you to edit your image to meet the 20% rule. Again remember Facebook is a social platform and users generally post their photos which are devoid of any text.

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