Tips on how to sell on Facebook – Part 2

On this second and final part on how to sell on Facebook, we want to discuss on targeting your posts to specific interest groups.If you have ever used the Facebook advertising programs, you will notice that it offers one options on demographics, which could be age, occupation, location right down to interests. When it comes to marketing on their platform(for free that is) we need to also employ the same line of thought.

So keeping the above in mind, how do we go about marketing on Facebook?

Make use of Facebook groups

Facebook groups attract interest groups, for instance if you search for ‘Stamp Collectors Club‘ you will get a group with over 11,000 members, of course you will only market items that are related to the group and in accordance to the group’s regulations. Obviously before marketing on the group, you will need to request to join the group. Once in the group, you will need to restrain yourself from spamming the group as you will become an irritant to the group that will need to you be eventually being kicked out. Remember that every time you post on the group, all its members receive an alert on their personal email inbox, and if they get alerts like every hour, they eventually beging to ignore your posts. Again stick to the rules of part one, make your posts as interesting as possible only putting much verbatim where necessary.

Create a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page has several advantages, it is easier to promote on the Facebook advertising programs. You can begin by adding your friends to like the page, and this works quite well if you have the maximum number of friends allowed by the platform, if you have few friends, you can extend outside your circle by promoting it on their advert platform.

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